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Dec 11 2010
Most orders have been made and shipped. I will make an effort to cross the border for shipping twice a week until Christmas as orders dictate

Sept 2010
New PCB chassis available in the store.
The USB Interface is available in the store as well.

July 2010

I'm taking offers on the following cars.

July 2010 USB Interface
I'm setting the price of my USB interface at $54.99US with $10.00US shipping. Please e-mail me if you are interested.. I have sold several so far without any issues.

Jan 23 2010
For the new year I lowered the price on the SensorTrak Original and Lite versions.
My USB Interface has been in testing for almost 2 months now with only slight issues, I'm working on a web page for it now.

Dec 1 2009
Hello everyone, I have to clarify something with my USB interface.
It does NOT include sensors, it is just a parallel to USB interface.
To use it you must unplug your EXISTING sensors from the parallel port on your PC and plug it into the DB25 connector on the interface. Then take the included USB cable and connect the interface to your computer. My SensorTrak and USB Interface are SEPARATE items, Iím trying to design the Interface so it will accept any sensors not just my SensorTrak.

November 18 2009
I finished the prototype for my USB interface.
At the moment it only works with Laptimer 2000 but I hope more apps such as UR3 and Race Manager X will support the HID protocol used to make the interface.
The final version will be available in several configurations.

January 28 2009
I'm working on a FAQ for my SensorTrak, please provide feedback.

I have also started work on a new interface that I hope will bring Slot Car timing into the 21st Century and allow new computers to be used as timing machines. I will give more info when I have finished the prototype.  However a new interface will be useless unless there is a timing application to use it, I hope I can convince one or two of the current application developers to adopt my interface.

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Thank you for the great reviews Steve and Harry!
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Artin 4 lane power base and power supply write up.
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